Amateur screenwriter Max Polyakov: Early Life, Firefly TV and His Addiction to Movies

Max Polyakov's favourite Firefly TV show

Just like every other child, Max Polyakov was raised by parents who loved to see him happy. Max Polyakov was dependant, vulnerable and resilient. He needed support from not only his parents alone but also from everyone around him in order to continue living. Screenwriter Max Polyakov needed to be fed and go to school. All the support he received enabled him to develop and become independent.

While Max Polyakov was still growing, he was vulnerable to harm just like every young child. His parents offered him the best protection ensuring his safety and health.

Kids are both highly vulnerable and highly dependent than grown-ups but they display resilience easily whenever they face challenges, risks or adversity for instance; family issues or health issues. This is to say that kids are not passive victims of the things they encounter. Max Polyakov was capable of exerting influence and he shaped his life well. He was never overwhelmed whenever he experienced hardships because he could easily recover and get back to his normal life.

How Max Polyakov developed interest in watching movies like Firefly TV

Max Polyakov like every other child had toys to play with. His parents could take him on a trip to have fun. They also enrolled him in sport classes just to ensure that he is always active and happy.

But it turned out that Max Polyakov was interested in something else. Watching TV dramas and other movies was what he loved most. His addiction to the screen was so seductive that it needed daily fixes.

Watching TV too much is a very unhealthy behaviour for a young child. The addiction of watching TV is equally serious as that of gamblers who are addicted to gambling. It is never is to overcome such addiction. The parents of Max Polyakov could at time force him to go outside and exercise a bit. They could even force him to travel in order to explore new places hoping that it could stop his addiction to watching TV.

How movies work:

For many years, movie-creators have come up with creative methods of catching people’s attention and taking them through a striking story. Psychologically, if the attraction of movies can be uncovered, people will understand better the fundamental characteristics of people’s nature. They include:

  • Imagination
  • Spatial perception
  • Social engagement
  • Motivational drive

When a person watches a movie, his brain gets adapted to the action.

That is what happened when Max Polyakov watched Firefly TV series which contained a captivating story. That story captured his attention and kept him involved on what would happen later. The audiovisual encounter of Firefly TV series also offered a more direct feeling of being part of the acting. A nice storyline and a feeling of being part of it is the key to the movies’ attraction. This prompted Max Polyakov to decide to devote his life to cinema.

Advantages of watching movies

Watching movies is the best leisure activity. Instead of going to a casino to gamble and lose, it is better to watch movies during your free moments. Whether the film genre is action, comedy, documentary, fiction or drama, watching movies is the perfect method of breaking free from your everyday duties, work, studies and any other routine. Other advantages of watching movies include:

1. Awareness

Most movies are created on social matters that are highly relevant to humankind. Movies about issues like caste system, socio economic divide, honour killing and dowry assist in creating the awareness required regarding them. They bring back the long gone moral sense in human beings when they witness others undergoing those hard situations even if it is on TV.

2. Perfect hangout for lovers

Maybe you were holding your lover’s hand in public or maybe it was the first time you both kissed, these things happen at the movie halls for many lovers. That is the perfect venue where no one can judge you for coming with your lover; or you will not be looked at with doubt especially in a place like India.

3. Exciting experience

If you want excitement and your employer does not give you enough time to go and have fun, going to movies is the best solution. If it has been long since you went outdoors, you do not need to wait for the holiday in order to have an exciting encounter. There are several movies that can take you through wonderful fun until you have time for a real outdoor escape.

4. Great bonding and laughing

Movies provides moments where people laugh their hearts out. Especially at comedies, people get to lighten their mood and it helps in bonding too. People get to laugh together and they grow closer as companions or as friends.

5. Inspiration

Movies inspire people a lot. Movies and biopic about historical figures always give a glimpse into the basic life truths. People get to see with their eyes how ordinary people change into heroes. This motivates people to view life in a different manner.

6. Overcome a breakup

This may sound clichéd but it is not clichéd for nothing. Many at times when people watch romantic movies while taking their favourite drink, they are able to get over a broken heart. There are plenty of such scenes in movies. Movies take your mind off the person who broke your heart. You may cry during the start however the movie can heal you gradually and you will be ready to love someone else.

7. Cinetherapy

Treating mood disorder, depression and other similar patients is an interesting approach. A picture speaks a thousand words and so a movie which is a combination of thousands of images together with melody and dialogue can do a lot. Still it is a highly nascent stage and virtually rare but it is a wonderful way of soothing the inner turmoil that you could be going through. This is what makes movies a great therapy tool.

8. Stress buster

You do not require anyone to ask you to go and watch the movie that you love. A wonderful movie outing with colleagues assists in relieving stress. No matter the genre of the movie, provided you enjoy it, it will elevate your senses and it will refresh you for a new dose of reality.

9. Entertainment

The main benefit behind watching movies is entertainment and this is probably the main reason why Max Polyakov got addicted to watching. Whether it is drama, comedy or action, a movie is a medium for entertainment and leisure for everyone. Watching movies entertains everyone irrespective of their social status.

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The devotion of Max Polyakov to cinema

Cinemas show films for public entertainment. It may be argued that watching movies at home alone or with your siblings or friends is also fun. But, interacting with all kinds of people at a cinema offers greater excitement. Max Polyakov under Firefly ltd was devoted to cinema. Other features of a cinema include:

Stellar surround sound

The surround sound creates an immersive experience in the cinema. In action movies, you can hear a plane flying or the sound of a gunshot. This makes people feel like they are part of the movie. Such an experience is achieved through using unique surround sound speakers which are placed around the room.

Suitable sitting

When it comes to the quality of audio, the kind of seats found at Firefly ltd cinema influence how sound moves. The seats have low backs and their fabrics do not absorb sound. This lets the waves of the sound to move to the intended destination easily.

The right room layout and shape

The cinema room is rectangular in shape ensuring that watchers get a good view. The shape also forms an acoustic corridor for amazing sound.

4K ultra HD visuals

At the cinema, there are very clear images which make the watching experience great. This is achieved by the 4K ultra HD projector or TV. 4k has 4 times the number of pixels contained in HD screens, this boosts visual quality.

Themed décor

Firefly ltd cinema hall is nicely decorated and carpeted, making it more captivating to watch a movie there than to watch at home.

Good lighting

Theater style lighting is used at the cinema. The light is designed to direct brightness away from the screen to avoid washing out images. The lighting used is also enough to see entryways and pathways and it makes the room dark enough for the eyes to focus on the movie easily.

Huge screen

The screens at Firefly ltd cinema are much better and bigger compared to those found in homes. And even if you will want to purchase a big screen to use at home, you may not have enough room to accommodate it.

The presence of a variety of people at a cinema adds to the experience

Of course there are people who can be annoying when they feel the desire to explain the most obvious parts of the movie to others. But, for most of the part, watching a movie with many people brings so much fun. Comedies for instance are funnier when many people laugh together and horror movies appear scarier when many people scream at the same time.

Cinema is good for the economy

The price of tickets may be high but watching a movie at a cinema is still cheaper than going to a play, a concert or an amusement park. Concessions are expensive also. You may buy a soda for five dollars which is around 2 cents worth of the real soda in it. Having said this, just bear in mind that spending money improves the economy.

Advantages of enjoying movies at cinemas

Max Polyakov's devotion to the cinema

Movie enthusiasts can rely on Firefly ltd cinema or any other cinema to get the most recent movies always. At the cinema also is where people can get the latest movies. Many producers use cinemas as the 1st avenue to show their latest productions before they post them on other platforms. They do so in order to watch how the audience reacts. Be among the first people to get the buzz in movie world by watching the highly anticipated movies as they get released by going to a cinema. Additionally people love discussing about movies as a means of socializing. Getting firsthand movie entertainment is a way of socializing too.

Also, enjoying movies with so many people is so much fun. There are instances where people talk and make noise when the movie is going on but for the better part, encountering similar and varying reactions from other viewers is fun.

There are plenty of home-theater systems that offer great sound system and 3D capabilities. Maintaining the home-theater system equipment can be costly. People can experience what is offered by the home theater systems by going to a cinema. Additionally, even the highly advanced home theater systems cannot replicate the way a cinema makes people feel like they are part of the movie. Nothing beats the big screen, bigger than life sounder experience and great quality viewing offered by cinemas.


The decision of Max Polyakov to devote his life to cinema was not a bad one after all. In this generation, movies are the typical art form. Most people these days love watching TV dramas and movies. Movie-creators have also come up with seductive and imaginative ways of telling stories by forming an audiovisual experience which triggers and captures people’s brains fully. For one hour, two hours or even the whole weekend, people may go into a world, see the action and empathize with the actors as they commit to an enveloping screenplay.