Аmateur screenwriter Max Polyakov: reviews on Firefly TV and devotion to cinema.

Max Polyakov and his interest in developing young minds

Max Polyakov, in a recent interview announced that he and Firefly studios were investing in young minds this year. Max Polyakov went on to say that the project was to train young people in an internship program on cinematography.

Max Polyakov and his interest in developing young minds

When asked ‘why young people?’ Max Polyakov started the story of how he grew up. According to Max Polyakov, he has always had the support of his parents who pushed him to attain the heights he has attained today. Max Polyakov attributed the early destruction of several dreams and aspirations to the lack of both financial and emotional support by parents and loved ones. Many people do not have what he had back then so Max Polyakov decided to open an avenue with which he could help these young minds to achieve the dreams they wanted to achieve especially in cinematography.

Growing up, Max Polyakov always knew what he wanted to do. He knew he loved movies and so he started dreaming at an early age. Guided by his dreams, he made his moves and thankfully, with the support of his parents and everyone around him, he managed to fulfill those dreams and today he is well known as a wealthy and successful cinematographer.

Max Polyakov decided to use this as a way to give back to the society, by choosing thirteen young people between the ages of 15 and 20 who were absolutely sure that they wanted to be cinematographers. When asked why he was not gunning for older people, Max Polyakov simply answered that younger folk had big dreams and believed that everything was possible. They needed those kinds of minds in his studio.

The Internship Program

The internship program is slated to take place over the summer when schools have vacated. It is a three month intensive 5 day a week program training the young people on the main ideas of cinematography. This program comprises of various lectures, hands on training and a project at the end of the day, where they young people were to finish a 4 minute movie on any topic of their choice.

Max Polyakov said that preparations are underway to create space and lodgings for those lucky individuals who lived far. Max Polyakov also stated that people had the opportunity to drop out mid program and the best three candidates would be selected for a permanent job position at his studios. When asked about the children who were still in school, Max Polyakov said that all things will be put in place to ensure each of his chosen candidates were well in their way to academic excellence while they joined his team.

The program is set to begin in May and applications are now closed. All participants chosen have been asked to report to the studios by the ending of May to begin the program.

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